Snow shoveling without injury

Many of you will be shoveling and using snowblowers this weekend.  Before you go out, review my video on how to avoid injury here.

Another way to avoid coming into my office with an Unhappy Back on Monday is to do your spine exercises several times during your shoveling marathon.  Review the stretches here.  Every 30 minutes take a break and do a few spinal twists, side bends, and an extension stretch.  When you come in for a break, lie down and do a dozen (or more) knee rolls and a couple knees to chest.  At the end of the day double up on the number of stretches; for example, try 20-25 knee rolls each side.  Don’t forget to do the stretches casually and in your pain free zone, as the video instructs!

This video has 2 bonus stretches at the end; cat stretch and child’s pose, here.

Remember, go slow, take breaks to do the Fuller Five stretches (plus the bonus 2), and keep your Happy Back!


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