ObamaCare or RomneyCare: which is best for your health?

May_30_Health_Care_Rally_NP (641)

Answer: Neither!

Neither plan will improve your health.  

Neither plan will make a significant shift from the current “Disease Care” system to a “Health Care” system.  A Health Care system spends most of its time and resources on promoting and supporting health and wellness and disease prevention, not waiting for you to become ill before intervening.

Neither plan will make a significant dent in skyrocketing Disease Care costs (now $3 Trillion/year), because there is not enough disease prevention.

The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease group stated, “chronic diseases…driving 75%  of annual health spending in the U.S…many of these illnesses could be prevented altogether through lifestyle interventions, like diet, exercise, and not smoking.”  The chronic diseases referred to include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s dementia.  Dr. Richard Carmona, the 17th US Surgeon General (2002-06), and the Canyon Ranch Institute state only 2-3% of care in the U.S. is spent on prevention.

So what should you do?

The answer remains unchanged.  You need to take health care (and therefore, disease prevention) into your own hands.

No one else can do it for you!

What do you need to do?

1. Eat a healthier diet focused on vegetables, a little fruit, and clean meat, severely limiting processed food.  If you want details, order my nutrition CDs.

2. Exercise regularly, as close to daily as possible, and mix it up.  Walking is a good start but it is not enough.  You need a mix of cardio and resistance exercise.

3. Drink only water.  Don’t drink soda, sport drinks, diet soda, diet sport drinks, or any of those funny flavored, enhanced waters.

4. Reduce your stress.

5. Continue with wellness chiropractic care, as you do with your dentist and doctor.


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  1. I just read your article, well said and so true Dr. Fuller!

    I see people posting all the time about ‘hating cancer’ ‘stomp out cancer’ ‘walk for cancer’ etc.
    Yet you mention to them reducing or eliminating meat/dairy, increase fruits/veggies as this is proven to aid in avoiding cancer/disease and they roll their eyes.

    This country really needs to wake up to what we put into our bodies, what our children are putting into their bodies i.e. ‘any sized coke at McDonalds for a $1’ and realize this is all direclty connected to so many diseases which are costing our country trillions…..

    Anywho, hope all is well with you and hope to see you around some time.

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